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Impact-First Development Fund

Global Partnerships’ Impact-First Development Fund (IFDF) is a strategic response to the real economics of optimizing positive impact. Delivering products and services that make a real difference in the lives of people living in poverty requires a new category of capital not met by commercial or even most impact capital. The IFDF enables low cost funding for social enterprises taking on the hardest work to deliver sustainable solutions with deep and inclusive impact. The IFDF aims to demonstrate what is possible with impact-first investing.


The IFDF seeks to deliver the highest possible social impact by…

  • Broadening opportunity across all facets of poverty: livelihoods, energy, housing, and health
  • Deepening inclusion of people marginalized by depth of poverty, gender, and geography
  • Serving millions by investing in sustainable, scalable solutions that can positively impact millions
  • Improving lives by investing in products and services that demonstrate clear and compelling impact for people living in poverty

…while seeking to preserve capital with a modest return to investors.


The IFDF will invest in social enterprises that deliver high impact products and services. Particular attention will be given to the inclusion of women and how women experience and drive social impact. The fund plans to invest through a number of our initiatives.


Disclaimer: this is not an offer to sell,  or a solicitation of an offer to buy, any securities.  Offers are made only following verification of eligibility and solely pursuant to a fund’s private offering materials.