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Digital Study Materials

The Challenge

In sub-Saharan Africa, only 62% of children complete primary school.* Among those who do attend school, 65% will not achieve even basic proficiency in reading.** With high student-to-teacher ratios and lack of quality study materials, children often lack the resources they need to advance their education.

The Opportunity

GP and its affiliated funds aim to improve student skills, test scores, and likelihood of continuing education by investing in social enterprises who offer interactive, mobile education platforms.

Who is Served

The target demographic is children in primary and secondary school living on less than $3.20 PPP/person/day.

What is Delivered

Learners receive: High quality, low-cost, education and test prep materials via SMS or Mobile Applications.

Why IT is Impactful

Youth graduation rates, literacy and cognitive skills improve due to:

  • Improved performance on national exam, leading to greater likelihood of continuing education
  • Replacement of traditional education for those without access to schools

Story of Impact

Imelda, a student in Kenya using digital study materials from GP partner, Eneza Education.


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**UNESCO, More Than One-Half of Children and Adolescents Are Not Learning Worldwide, 2017,