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Interested in making an impact with Global Partnerships?
Contact Tara Murphy Forde at:
P: 206.456.7835

Global Partnerships is dedicated to making markets work for the most marginalized households. For over 25 years we have invested in social enterprise partners that use market-based models to deliver essential products and services for people living in poverty. Over this time we have developed into a highly-specialized fund manager that helps our investors access and navigate the global development impact investment space.

We use impact investment funds to deliver capital to mission-aligned partners with deep social impact. We currently manage an Impact-First Development Fund and two Social Investment Funds, which provide debt financing to growth stage enterprises, and a Social Venture Fund, which extends equity and equity-like investments to early stage enterprises.

For ten consecutive years, Global Partnerships has been selected for the ImpactAssets 50, an annual list of leading private debt and equity fund managers that deliver social and environmental value in addition to financial returns.

Investment Fund highlights (as of December 31, 2020):

  • Eight funds since 2005
  • $488.3 million in impact investments
  • 23.2 million lives impacted in 26 countries

Impact-First Development Fund

Social Investment Funds

Social Venture Fund