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The Global Partnerships/Eleos Social Venture Fund (SVF) is an impact-first fund investing in early-stage social enterprises to expand opportunity for people living in poverty in Eastern Africa. The fund was created to address the “pioneer gap” by supporting early stage social enterprises with a combination of investment capital and Board-level advisory support.

  • What We Look For – We invest in strong and capable founding teams with experience in the geography/ industry and a long-term commitment to achieving clear, compelling and direct impact for households living in poverty. We also look at unique value proposition, scalability, traction and funding plan.
  • Focus Sectors & Geography – We invest in Education, Energy, Health, Water, Sanitation and Livelihoods in Eastern Africa.
  • Funding Strategy – The fund invests in Seed and Series A rounds with ticket sizes ranging from $50K to $500K. In addition to investment capital, SVF provides Board-level advisory support and specific technical assistance, where required.

Current Portfolio


Amped Innovation designs off-grid solar products for both home and business. Amped solar-powered products are designed to be affordable for people living in poverty, while delivering high performance and longer run times. In addition to home products like fans and radios, Amped is helping people earn a living by developing solar-powered products for sewing, grinding, pumping and refrigeration.

Arifu creates an information marketplace on mobile phones for underserved populations, particularly smallholder farmers. Arifu provides users with SMS-based training on best practices such as appropriate use of inputs. Arifu serves an average of 21,000+ smallholder farmer learners every month.

Eneza Education leverages low-cost mobile phones to deliver afford-able and interactive study content. Their goal is for millions of students in Africa to learn more effectively and efficiently. Eneza serves more than 361,000 active users monthly.

Good Nature Agro provide smallholder farmers with quality seeds on loan alongside ongoing technical assistance.  They help these farmers grow legumes, then buy legume seeds from them at harvest. Good Nature Agro then resells those under their brand, Good Nature Seeds. They work with more than 2,000 farmers in Zambia and are scaling to a goal of 50,000 farmers by 2020.

PayGo Energy is a distribution service that harnesses the power of pay-as-you-go-tech­nol­ogy to bring an affordable and uninter­rupted supply of clean cooking fuel to low income households in Kenya. PayGo just finished their seed round of funding so are still early on their pilot program, currently reaching 296 households.

Penda Health looks to transform healthcare in Kenya by building a network of out-patient health clinics that offer evidence-based medical care, pre­ventive care and an unparalleled patient experi­ence at affordable rates. Penda operates seven clinics and counting, which receive an average of 1,289 patient visits per clinic per month.

Sanergy aims to permanently reduce sanitation-related disease among residents of Africa’s informal settlements by making sanitation affordable, accessible, and sustainable. Sanergy has more than 1,100 toilets in operation serving an average of 53,684 uses daily. This has resulted in more than 18,200 metric tons of waste removed from the settlements.

Tugende is a lease-to-own company that removes barriers to motorcycle ownership for taxi riders in Uganda, increasing net incomes by an estimated 45%. In addition to credit, borrowers receive licensing services, health and life insurance, and entrepreneurial training. This opportunity can provide cost savings, revenue enhancing features, and economic security through asset accrual.

Zumi is a Kenyan social enterprise that aggregates the orders of small, informal second‐hand clothing retailers to negotiate better prices from suppliers and reduce the cost of same‐day delivery so that their clients enjoy discounted merchandise, free delivery and save 1‐2 days per month normally spent in transit to and from supply markets. Suppliers are also able to count on consistent, daily, demand from one buyer reducing the complexity of their operations.



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Disclaimer: this is not an offer to sell,  or a solicitation of an offer to buy, any securities.  Offers are made only following verification of eligibility and solely pursuant to a fund’s private offering materials.