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Essential Medicines

The Challenge

One third of the global population lacks access to essential medicines, especially rural areas in developing countries.

The Opportunity

GP invests in rural pharmacies that sell affordable, high-quality medicines in areas previously without access. These pharmacies are run by local entrepreneurs. As a result, people spend less time traveling and being sick and entrepreneurs earn increased income.

Who is Served?

The target demographic is rural households living on less than $3.20 PPP/person/day.

What is Delivered?

Clients Receive: Access to essential medicines, supplies, & basic health information

May also receive: Very basic diagnosis and care

Entrepreneurs receive loans, training, access to medicines.

Why is it Impactful?

Family health improves and household costs are reduced due to:

  • Improved geographic access
  • Improved affordability
  • Timely/appropriate treatment

Entrepreneurs have a new source of income and improved livelihood.

By the Numbers

Cumulative as March 31, 2018

87,491 Lives Impacted