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Women-Centered Finance with Education


An estimated 2 billion adults lack access to formal financial services and women are disproportionately without access.


Global Partnerships aims to empower women living in poverty by investing in partners that deliver credit and savings bundled with education.

Who is Served?

The target demographic is female micro-entreprenuers living in poverty.

What is Delivered?

  •  Small-to-medium size working capital loans, often delivered through the village bank
  •  Access to savings
  • Education covering topics such as basic financial literacy, nutrition, business, and money management

Why is it Impactful?

Household economic resilience improves because women are agents of change. With access to financial services and education, women are able to:

  • Make more informed decisions
  • Smooth household income and consumption
  • Build assets
  • Better deal with health and economic shocks

How is it Sustained?

The interest rate charged for the loan is used to cover the marginal cost of education delivery.

Story of Impact

Lourdes, a businesswoman in Peru is building a better life using finance and education provided by GP partner, Alternativa.

By the Numbers

Current Portfolio as of December 31, 2018

  • $41.26MM Capital Deployed
  • 29 Partners

Cumulative Portfolio

  • 3,226,202 Lives Impacted
  • Active since 1994