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Arasy Organica is an outgrower that sources, processes and exports various organic farm products (sesame seeds, chia seeds, cotton and others) from smallholder farmers in Paraguay. In 2014 it was the largest exporter of sesame and serves roughly 35,000 smallholder farmers across diverse geographies throughout Paraguay. Although Arasy is a for-profit enterprise, it has a clear social mission. Arasy supports its smallholder producers by providing seeds, agricultural inputs, training and technical assistance to help them improve their farm outputs. Arasy reinvests profits to grow the organization.

As an organization with a triple bottom line, Arasy demonstrates strong commitment to social, ecological and financial performance criteria. Arasy is committed to increasing its overall export volume in the coming years by helping its existing smallholder farmers diversify and increase crop yields. Through the investment of loan capital, GP aims to enable Arasy to help a greater portion of its producers to diversify their crop production and thus increase their annual income.

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BioExport is an outgrower that sources, processes, and exports sesame and chia from smallholder farmers throughout Paraguay. Additionally, it provides smallholder farmers with the services and products needed to produce high-quality sesame and chia. As Paraguay’s third biggest exporter, BioExport serves large numbers of smallholder farmers across diverse geographies and reinvests profits to grow the organization.

BioExport provides a suite of services to its smallholder farmer producers, including access to working capital, training on crop practices, access to organically-certified seeds, and no-interest cash advances. It also aims to move farmers from subsistence crops to cash crops through education and training on optimizing land use to grow different high-value crops. BioExport leverages networks of local agricultural cooperatives and associations to deliver these services and then buys products from the networks’ 14,000 smallholder farmers. BioExports’ processing and storage facilities allow the products to meet the requirements of international buyers and organic certifications.

BioExport stands out from its competitors with its focus on smallholder producers and its committment to reinvest all profits back into the business for the next 10 years. One hundred percent of BioExport’s smallholder producers live in remote areas in rural Paraguay and do not have access to international specialty goods markets. Ultimately, by selling their product to BioExport, smallholder farmers are able to grow quality products and access a niche market that is willing to pay premium prices. BioExport has the support from the Paraguayan government in its efforts to raise the quality of the agriculture sector in the country.

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