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Afrimac Group is a consortium of five companies (Afrimac Nut Company, Ltd., The Village Nut Company, Ltd., Batian Nuts Ltd. Co., Jumbo Nuts Ltd., and Sagana Nuts Ltd.) that are partners within GP’s Smallholder Farmer Market Access initiative. Afrimac Group is a macadamia nut processor and exporter that provides technical assistance (TA) and market linkages for smallholder farmers in Kenya.

An estimated 70% of farms in Kenya are operated by smallholders with less than two hectares of land, and these farmers play a critical role in feeding the country, producing over 60% of Kenya’s food supply.* However, limited access to markets, fair prices and quality agronomic technical assistance constrain production and income for smallholder farmers.

Who is Served

Afrimac Group serves more than 10,600 Kenyan smallholder farmers, a quarter of whom are women. The majority of Afrimac’s producers live in rural areas, and Afrimac farmers have an average plot size of less than 3 acres.

What is Delivered

Afrimac Group facilitates market access and price premiums for its producers. Afrimac Group provides a subset of its farmers with one-on-one and group TA that covers macadamia tree care. TA incorporates farm visits by technicians as well as mentorship by best-in-class farmers in the community. Afrimac Group also provides its farmers with discounted access to macadamia trees and seeds.

Why it is Impactful

With access to tailored TA, smallholder farmers can gain the skills and knowledge needed to increase their production and yields, while enhanced market access enables income stabilization. Furthermore, Afrimac Group’s price premiums, which are >20% above local market alternatives, provide smallholder farmers with the opportunity to increase their incomes.

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* Source: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2015 report “The economic lives of smallholder farmers”,