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BRAC Uganda

BRAC Uganda is a wholly owned and operated subsidiary of BRAC International that consists of two entities; BRAC MFI Ltd and BRAC Social Enterprise Limited. Operations were launched in 2006 and BRAC Uganda is now the network’s largest and fastest scale-up in Africa. Credit, which serves predominantly women and rural borrowers, is delivered by the MFI and is core to the organization’s business. It serves as a platform for the nonprofit to deliver additional services that reach beyond the borrower base. There are currently programs operating in microfinance, small enterprise, community health, agriculture, poultry and livestock, empowerment and adolescent livelihood.

Fenix Intl

Initiative: Solar Lights
People Served: TBD - new partner

Fenix International is a pay-as-yougo solar company that provides small solar home systems for households living in poverty beyond the electricity grid in Uganda.

Fenix designs, manufactures, distributes and finances high-quality solar home systems at a low-cost with flexible payment options paid via mobile money applications. The home systems provide lighting, phone charging and can even power a television. Fenix has built a network of partners including a sales force that maintains a direct relationship with customers to resolve potential technical issues.

Using mobile money payments and a pay-as-you-go model, Fenix’s technology makes solar power more affordable for households in poverty. The aim of Global Partnerships’ impact-led investment in Fenix is to improve household economics and quality of life for populations living beyond the grid. Clients see reductions in fuel and phone charging costs, increased productivity, decreased smoke from kerosene, and increased study time for their children

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NUCAFE is National Union of Coffee Agribusinesses and Farm Enterprises. It was founded in 1995 as the Uganda Coffee Farmers Association (UCFA). In 2003, UCFA changed name to NUCAFE in response to members’ needs as a result of needs assessment and strategic planning carried out in year 2003. The vision of NUCAFE is, “coffee farmers profitably own their coffee along the value chain for sustainable coffee production and improved standards of living.” NUCAFE uses the farmer ownership model, which is based on the farmer group-association framework designed to support coffee farmers to organize themselves to assume as many roles as possible in the coffee value chain in order to increase their market value share. They work with smallholder producers’ organizations and smallholder farmers who are supported through training before adoption of the model including value addition by sorting, grading, roasting, grinding, branding which point the coffee is still owned by the farmer. This is largely dependent on the capacity of the farmer through the farmer organization (group, association or cooperative) to assume some or all of these functions which is justification for their training needs on the model.